May 5, 2020

If it’s CORONAvirus time, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Though big public gatherings are prohibited, we can still celebrate by watching livestreaming celebrations. One is even combining the usual celebration with a fundraiser for farmworkers. Check out the list; While Trump stubbornly continues to declare there’s a need for a wall to be built, officials report the number of apprehensions amid this pandemic; Scientists finally figured out the mystery behind butterfly wing colors; and This Latin American market closes for the first time in 500 years! Go beyond the headlines…

Where to watch live-streaming Cinco de Mayo celebrations

Border apprehensions plummet to near zero amid pandemic

ICE Detention Centers First Brought Jobs to the Rural South. Now, They’re Bringing Covid-19.

U.N. Warns Number Of People Starving To Death Could Double Amid Pandemic

Team cracks butterfly wing color mystery

Billions projected to suffer nearly unlivable heat in 2070

New Analysis Suggests These Three Men Were Among the First Africans Enslaved in the Americas

A new sensor uses AI and machine learning to help people keep a safe distance from one another and prevent transmission of coronavirus

Due to coronavirus, Mexican street market closes for first time in 500 years

Women conquer space in Bolivia’s Carnival of Oruro

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