May 8, 2023

As we begin a new week fraught with economic uncertainty and mass shooting killings, we wait to see if the hype predicting utter chaos at the southern border materializes. It would seem the violence and poor economy driving many people to leave their homelands and undertake a dangerous journey for a chance to enter a country still considered a beacon of prosperity, safety and hope is ironic, at the least. Especially, since that beacon continues to lose its luster for those of us who already have it; Take one guess in which cities suffer the highest crime, gun violence and inequality. It boils down to political ideologies; As if it wasn’t enough that the MAGA GOP want to censor books but now they want to do away with libraries altogether; Southeast Asia is experiencing the mother of all heat waves. Climate scientists say we should all be worried; Love opera? How about Mexican opera? We’re all in luck. The first international festival of Mexican opera is underway — and it’s all online. Go beyond the headlines…

Title 42’s end is raising alarms for the border

Russia ‘evacuates’ area around major nuclear plant in Ukraine

High Crime in Republican Cities Fueled by Guns, Inequality

Medicaid work requirements would lead to more than a million people losing coverage

The rising Republican movement to defund public libraries

Study finds female astronauts more efficient, suggesting future space missions with all-female crews

Scorching Record-Breaker in Vietnam Confirms Extreme Predictions, Expert Warns

Border Patrol’s new app will make border-crossing even more dangerous

Colombia cancels US deportation flights, blasting ‘cruel’ mistreatment of migrants

First international festival of Mexican opera opens online

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