November 1, 2022

I noted yesterday that the Supreme Court had another case coming before it that, if the majority-justices sympathized with the challengers, would effectively dismantle yet another law that affected the rights of millions of people, mostly non-white. The case deals with affirmative action in higher ed admissions. As expected, the Court Conservatives showed their hand by siding with the challengers. However, the newest justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, showed that the argument needed reframing and she did it brilliantly; Analysts are worried that voters are talking about the same issues, from Iowa to Florida. They see a big problem boiling; Safe to say that non-Americans don’t understand our politics. Do we? Well, the BBC wanted to make it more explainable to their readers and so they created ‘fake Americans;’ Groundbreaking study made a surprising find when examining mass school shootings; and Are you creative? Really? Scientists created a 4-minute test to see if you are and it’s online. Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson: Race-blind admissions might create ‘an Equal Protection problem’

A first-of-its-kind database tracks threats against public officials

Voters everywhere are talking about the same issues. Here’s why that matters

BBC tries to understand politics by creating fake Americans

Wastewater surveillance for public health is on the rise, but a new survey reveals many US adults are still unaware

Study finds mass school shootings are not caused by mental illness

Scientists Invented a Simple 4-Minute Test For Creativity, And You Can Try It Out

Why this Utah couple’s new app isn’t your average social media platform

Mexican president urges Twitter to repair ‘damage’ done to Trump

Students surge back to Chile’s streets as schools remain hotbed of protest

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