November 13, 2020

It’s Friday, the 13th! Though custom compels us to be extra superstitious today, I’m seeing signs that good things may be on the horizon. Finally, White House leaks say that Trump is finally, though grudgingly, accepting his election defeat. That’s not to say that Trump will do his best to cause damage before he leaves but accepting his eventual fate is a hopeful sign. Among the interesting and must-read articles listed today, I start off with a compelling headline that questions, “Is it time to retire the term ‘The Latino Vote?'” While some will applaud that and reiterate Latinos are not a homogenous group, I wonder just how much political power we give up when we burst that illusion. Something to think about. As always, Go beyond the headlines…

Is It Time To Retire The Term ‘The Latino Vote?’

Dreamers laud Biden’s win but remain vigilant on his DACA, immigration promises

Red state governors reject Biden on mask orders

80 percent of those who died of Covid-19 in Texas county jails were never convicted of a crime

Trump Won Florida After Running a False Ad Tying Biden to Venezuelan Socialists

Americans Were Primed To Believe The Current Onslaught Of Disinformation

Americans don’t eat enough fish and miss out on robust health benefits

New device puts music in your head — no headphones required

Mexico shifts housing for migrant children away from immigration detention

Argentine Entrepreneur Aims to Help Millions Through Technology

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