November 16, 2021

Countries around the world are suffering the effects of climate change, poor economies, dwindling food and water resources, rising national populism, etc. So, it’s not any wonder that Biden’s immigration problem exceeds forcefully deporting immigrants; Can you guess which sector of the US economy is 92 percent white?; Finally, an administration that recognizes there’s an ongoing ‘epidemic’ among indigenous people and wants to help; Domestic violence victims get help that goes beyond calling a hotline; and is Mexico turning into a militarized country? Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s new border problem: Nations won’t take back migrants

Jewelry Retail Is Among the Whitest Sectors in the US Economy

How you could see cleaner air and water with Biden’s new infrastructure law

Biden orders feds to tackle ‘epidemic’ of missing or murdered Indigenous people

To decontaminate your mask, pop it in the oven

Amazon birds are shrinking as the climate warms, prompting warning from scientists

How plant-based burgers stack up against meat burgers in protein quality

New app allows users to record, automatically report domestic violence

Critics warn of increasing militarization as Mexican governments name soldiers to head up security

Cuban government quashes planned march by protesters

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