November 17, 2021

Ever since Biden was elected President, Mexico’s leadership has been sending mixed signals. However, it appears Mexico’s President is now sending a clear message to Congress when it comes to immigration reform; Does your neighborhood have a racial covenant? Many still do; Air pollution doesn’t just affect our breathing. Scientists discover it makes a big impact on one vital organ; and This week, for the first time in almost 600 years, a partial lunar eclipse is happening and you can watch it online! Find out where. Go beyond the headlines…

Mexican president says he will call out US lawmakers who vote against immigration reform

Unlikely coalition wants women to register for military draft

Racial covenants, a relic of the past, are still on the books across the country

Frida Kahlo’s intense 1949 self-portrait is now the most expensive Latin American artwork sold at an auction.

Air pollution hampers how well your brain performs

Five Places To Watch This Week’s Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse in Nearly 600 Years

Exercise increases the body’s own ‘cannabis’ which reduces chronic inflammation, says new study

Octi: Social app geared towards teenagers promises no ads and users can earn ‘Octi coins’

The first Mennonites of Colombia – a photo essay

UN committee on Enforced Disappearances embarks on ‘historic visit’ motivated by Mexico’s 94,000 missing

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