November 17, 2020

Obstructionism is a common Trump strategy, in and out of the White House. It was clearly evident during this administration when Trump federal appointees repeatedly refused to cooperate with Congress, and even lied under oath. So, it’s sadly predictable that this juvenile administration would continue that line of spiteful behavior as Biden tries to access much-needed information before assuming office in January. For example, Biden’s transition teams are receiving the cold shoulder from federal agencies and one agency is in deep denial from its management to its vendors; The FBI released their annual hate crime report, and while experts doubt it presents accurate data, there’s one stat that pushed hate crimes to an 11-year high; Scientists discover a gel that may make bandages obsolete; and New app lets you ‘hear’ just what kind of mosquito is buzzing around you. Sorry, it doesn’t keep you from getting bitten. Go beyond the headlines…

A record number of women will serve in the 117th Congress, including at least 51 women of color

Immigration Officials Have Been Told Not To Communicate With Joe Biden’s Transition Team

Trump’s Border Wall Builders Carry On Even Though Projects May Never Be Completed

Rise in reports of hate crimes against Latinos pushes overall number to 11-year high

Covid-19 is sending Black, Latino and Native American people to the hospital at about 4 times the rate of others

Gel heals skin with less scarring and then vanishes

Study of infants finds that sleep differences by race, income emerge early

Global treaty to tackle plastic pollution gains steam without US and UK

New App Identifies Mosquitoes by Buzzing Sound

Costa Rica Creates Special Immigration Category For Nicaraguans, Cubans And Venezuelans

Hurricane Iota Hit Nicaragua With Extreme Winds and Tidal Surge

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