November 18, 2021

Media outlets report that minutes after being censured by his peers for tweeting a violent video targeting Ocasio Coortez, he retweeted it. The fact that this GOP politician is targeting a woman and a Latina and his GOP peers in the House defended him needs to be a wake-up call for any and all Latinos entertaining the illusion that this GOP has the best interests of Latinos at the heart of their actions. How stupid are Latinos who think that?; As Congress tackles violence against women within their own ranks, battles rising inflation and migrant flows that don’t stop, some in Congress are advocating for a new federal office that ‘pushes new boundaries.’ Go beyond the headlines…

Minutes After Being Censured, Rep. Gosar (R – AZ) Retweets Offending Ocasio-Cortez Video

COVID cases climbing ahead of Thanksgiving

Gerrymandering surges ahead of 2022 midterms

Migrant camps grow in Mexico amid uncertainty on US policy

As climate change parches the Southwest, here’s a better way to share water from the shrinking Colorado River

‘This is urgent’: Bipartisan proposal for UFO office pushes new boundaries

Reducing Emissions to Mitigate Climate Change Could Yield Dramatic Health Benefits by 2030

New app supports successful water projects in East Africa

‘A fairer Chile’: protest generation aims to reshape country in divisive election

U.S. military training in Mexico increased as human rights waned, new database reveals

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