November 19, 2020

Court defeats mean nada to the Trump administration. We’re seeing that now as his legal team chalks up the losses as they continually invent challenges to Biden’s win. Their relentless pursuit to inflict pain on the most vulnerable in the world underscores how global outcry and court losses are considered mild obstructions for the worst president/presidency in US history. Case in point: A judge actually had to rule on a heinous act this White House is committing against migrant children; And if that wasn’t enough, the administration just killed something sorely needed by migrant families; and Joe Biden has a plan to forgive student debt. Go beyond the headlines…

Tech firms fall short on misinformation targeting Latino voters, advocates say

In U.S. Cities, The Health Effects Of Past Housing Discrimination Are Plain To See

A Judge Has Blocked The Trump Administration From Turning Back Unaccompanied Children At The Border

White House killed deal to pay for mental health care for migrant families separated at border

No, soaring COVID-19 cases are not due to more testing – they show a surging pandemic

Joe Biden’s plan to forgive student debt

Americans Became More Divided By Class In 2020

Seas are rising faster than ever

Just 12 Minutes of Intense Exercise Is Enough to Change Biomarkers in Your Blood

Google launches new tool to help cities stay cool

First Images Of The Destruction Of The Most Powerful Hurricane That Has Touched Nicaragua

Three presidents in one week: Peruvian youths say ‘enough’

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