November 22, 2021

As Biden’s Build Back Better bill advances in Congress, the shouts by Republlicans equating it to socialism grow louder. They just can’t understand why people need money to help with childcare, having a minimally decent quality of life, etc. No wonder. A new report finds that Trump’s estate tax policies triggered a 50% drop in IRS revenue — and guess who’s suffering because of it; Dr. Faucci just made many of us happy this Thanksgiving; One of the winners of a Latin Grammy last night probably didn’t celebrate; and Computer scientists just created a cool free AI tool that lets us see how our neighborhoods will look in the future affected by climate change. Go beyond the headlines…

Mapped: Voting rights for 2022

Trump’s Estate Tax Giveaway To Rich Triggered 50% Drop In The IRS Revenue: Report

Fully vaccinated family members can celebrate the holidays without masks, Fauci says

Two Fox News contributors quit over Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 documentary

A hit song wins a Latin Grammy. One of its songwriters is in a Cuban prison.

In a first test of its planetary defense efforts, NASA’s going to shove an asteroid

AI tool lets you visualize how climate change could affect your home

The best inventions of 2021

El Salvador to build cryptocurrency-fueled “Bitcoin City”

Struggling Venezuelans put faith in latest Mexico migrant caravan

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