November 23, 2021

GOP state legislatures across the US are ensuring their political influence by redrawing congressional districts in their favor. Not to mention, if they happen to lose a particular election, most GOP-run states have now instituted an electoral integrity commission which basically will audit the outcome of an election and decide if it was an election free of fraud. It doesn’t take a degree to see the devious strategy; The Senate will decide soon if women will be required to register for the military draft; NASA has big plans for the moon; and Mexican academics are sounding the alarm over what Mexico’s National Defense Minister said in a recent speech. Go beyond the headlines…

The first Thanksgiving is a key chapter in America’s origin story – but what happened in Virginia four months later mattered much more

States are redrawing every congressional district in the U.S. Here’s who’s winning and losing.

Language barrier: Immigrant parents tell tales of exclusion

Women to register for military draft under proposed defense spending bill

First Native American confirmed as head of National Park Service

From Malcolm X to “Free Britney,” new media shapes the justice system

NASA Plans to Put a Nuclear Reactor on the Moon Within a Decade

Simple cookstove design improves community health and reduces pollution

Nicaragua starts post-election exit from Organization of American States

Remarks by Mexico’s National Defense Minister supporting Lopez Obrador’s ‘national project’ raises concerns

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