November 28, 2023

Like when Russia invaded Ukraine, we all sat on the sidelines, shook our heads and watched as Russia tried to destroy a country it couldn’t have. Instead of putting a quick end to the invasion with troops, the world pours weapons into the hands of a much smaller army. Luckily, the strategy has worked and Russia finds itself at a stalemate and morale among its soldiers at an all-time low. Not so with Israel and Hamas. While no one disagrees that Israel is within its rights to retaliate for the barbaric nature of the Hamas invasion, there’s global condemnation of their tactics to continuously drop bombs on an area populated by civilians who were not the ones who breached the border. A new analysis shows just how deadly Israel’s bombings are to Gaza civilians; It’s a bipartisan Congress who’ve elected to call it quits; Think your safe in your car from highway car fumes? Think again; and Migration from Mexico to California, and vice versa, has been happening for over 5000 years. Scientists discover that ancient migration may be the origin of a mystery language. Go beyond the headlines…

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