November 3, 2023

The climate scientist who first warned the world of the escalating dangers of a changing climate issued a new warning that is even more dire and causing a rift among his peers; Everyone is so focused on Israel-Hamas war and have not given as much attention to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that Russia appears to be feeling more emboldened and is committing more atrocities; One bond investor warns that layoffs will accelerate as the nation inches towards a recession; Don’t forget, we ‘fall’ back this week in setting our time pieces. Is it still such a great idea?; and Archeologists just made a new discovery in the Mexican jungle. Go beyond the headlines….

New Study Warns of an Imminent Spike of Planetary Warming and Deepens Divides Among Climate Scientists

Ukraine war: Russia intensifies bombing in worst attack of the year

White Americans have far more wealth than Black and Hispanic Americans. Here’s how big the gap is

All the signs are pointing to a recession that’ll cost Americans their jobs, veteran bond investor Jeff Gundlach says: ‘Layoffs are coming’

2023 Rock Hall ceremony finally brings women to the forefront

These American birds and dozens more will be renamed, to remove human monikers

Daylight saving 2023: Here’s what a sleep expert says about the time change

NASA launches new app to see the International Space Station

Archaeologists Discover Ancient ‘Cult’ Circular Structure in Mexican Jungle

Peru, Chile, Colombia and Dominican Republic highlight start of Pan American Games

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