November 2, 2023

As the weather gets colder, it’s not surprising to hear more coughs and loud sniffing from our fellow humans. Unfortunately, RSV and Covid are ranking as high as catching the flu during this season. We can do what we always did and venture out and hope we don’t get sick, or we can give ourselves an extra layer of prevention, in addition to getting our vaccines (which, by the way have been found to have saved a significant number of people), by wearing that old familiar covid mask. A new study finds just how effective those masks are — and I, for one, plan on donning that wellness fashion accessory when necessary; Are landlords colluding to raise rents in your city?; The FBI director told Congress that anti-Semitic hate has reached “historic levels”; Starfish have always symbolized the star in Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with one point being the head and the other points as their hands and feet. Scientists say we’ve got it all wrong; and A bipartisan legislation wants to create a new kind of immigration court — just for children. Go beyond the headlines…

What a new study says about the effectiveness of masks against COVID-19

The Hamas tunnels: a wildcard in the Gaza fighting

Bipartisan legislation seeks to create children’s immigration court

Big landlords are colluding to raise rents, D.C. lawsuit alleges

FBI director: Anti-Semitic threat reaching ‘historic levels’

Health Economists: Covid Vax campaign saved 2.4 million lives

Long presumed to have no heads at all, starfish may be nothing but

Meet School Gig: A new app to connect schools and artists

Ancient Maya ball game is played in Mérida every Saturday

The Amazing Story of the Greek Community of San Andres, Peru

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