November 30, 2023

It used to be that parents had a tighter reign on what kind of music their children listened to. A new study discovers that they were right to do it; China is experiencing a renewed respiratory outbreak that is expanding across the planet in the form of pneumonia. Check the map that shows where in the world to avoid; Economic crashes take a toll on everyone’s mental health but there’s one particular demographic that responds in a deadly way; It’s been documented that there’s a rise in food insecurity among people of all income levels but surveys don’t tell the whole story for Latino families; and Spain was the site of an archeological find that upends ideas about ancient gender roles. Go beyond the headlines…

Study sheds new light on the profound influence of music on our moral compass

Map Shows Countries Where Pneumonia Cases Are Rising After China Outbreak

US food insecurity surveys aren’t getting accurate data regarding Latino families

Economic crashes linked to rise in male suicides, vast review shows

Biggest Moments From TIME’s Latino Leaders Dinner

NASA Unveils Spectacular New View of The Mars Horizon

3,000-Year-Old Stone Slab Found in Spain Is Upending Ideas About Ancient Gender Roles

European cosmetic industry trade association, Cosmetics Europe, fights ingredient misinformation with new app

Chile abandoning vineyards as sales decline

Mexico president asks lawmakers to let US military trainers into Mexico

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