December 1, 2023

There are a number of reasons why people feel they must leave their countries and find new homes elsewhere. Usually, it’s for one or more of these four reasons: love, better job opportunities, peace or freedom. The disdain nationalists and far-right extremists the world over show towards migrants trying to start a new life in a new country underscores the depth of their narcissism and lack of empathy. Yet, all it takes is one terrible tyrant to make millions want to flee the only home they’ve ever known. A new study finds that another country may be added to the migration list — Nicaragua. While the most impoverished Nicaraguans were always a part of migrations to the US-Mexico border, the study shows that now the desire to leave the country spans all economic levels due to the actions of their president. It makes you wonder if, or when, it could happen here; A new report shows why it’s no wonder so many migrants have died in US custody; So, how is the economy? Economists point to some red flags; Finally, there’s a ‘stimulating miracle’ for all those suffering from paralysis; and European archeologists were surprised to uncover an ancient Stone Age site near the last place on earth. Go beyond the headlines…

New study says about half of Nicaragua’s population wants to emigrate

Russia’s Supreme Court bans LGBTQ activism

Whistleblower report alleges shoddy medical care for detained migrants

Is the economy flying high or stumbling? One gauge raises red flags

There’s a financial literacy gender gap − and older women are eager for education that meets their needs

Archaeologists ‘Surprised’ by 6,500-Year-Old Stone Age Site Near Arctic

Injectable spine stimulator may restore mobility for people with paralysis

New Consumer Behaviors: From Amazon To Tubi Every App Is A Search Engine

Mexico City community center wins international sustainable architecture award

Peruvian rainforest defender from embattled Kichwa tribe shot dead in river attack

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