November 7, 2022

It’s one day before an election that most already think they know how will end. These days, elections are less a referendum on any one politician or political party but more on voters. How blind and ignorant are voters to political messaging that, regardless of which party, distorts, misleads and even lies about their opponents in the quest for political dominance, influence and power. Pundits, on both sides, are declaring an end to democracy if the ‘other’ side wins. It’s time voters stopped being led by the ring in our noses and really look at what’s endangered. Maybe it’s time to introduce a new party into the mix but one that changes the old corrupt ways of politicking and looks; The Ukrainian war is reaching an unbearable pinnacle and Ukrainians may be forced to retreat; We know inflation is high and though Fed numbers show a healthy labor force there are massive layoffs happening everywhere — and evictions are rising quickly; The UN shared a report at the start of the global climate summit, COP27, just what has been happening over the last 8 years, and it ain’t good; US citizens are moving to one country in record numbers; and A drought is inflicting pain across the globe and has forced Spain to do something it never has had to do. Go beyond the headlines…

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