October 10, 2023

Studies have correlated the rise in temperature with rising violence among people. With trends continuing, it seems we all need to learn to keep our cool. A new study shows that will get increasingly difficult; The atrocities being committed by Hamas against everyone who is in Israel, whether Israeli or not, is unforgivable and begs the question: Is this really a grievance, vengeance or something worse — violence for violence sake?; Economists are increasingly worried that our economy could ‘stagflate’. What is stagflation and why is it worse than a recession?; Cycles are part of Mother Nature and human nature. So, speaking of climate, we know that humans have had their water supplies threatened in the past. Now scientists are learning to look more closely at how the Mayans were able to stave from going thirsty; and A deaf football team uses high-tech to play better ball. Go beyond the headlines…

Study: Climate change to drive temperatures too hot for humans

What to know as war between Israel and Hamas militants rages on for a fourth day

Aging states to college graduates: We’ll pay you to stay

1970s-style stagflation may be at risk of repeating itself, Deutsche Bank warns

Study shows how Americans feel about changing their last name after marriage

The Sun Is About to Send Earth on an Electric Roller Coaster

Ancient Maya reservoirs offer lessons for today’s water crises

A deaf football team will debut a 5G-connected augmented reality helmet to call plays

Be like NASA: Come to Mazatlán for the solar eclipse

Her son was killed by the Colombian military. Now, she’s getting an apology

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