October 11, 2023

It’s only Wednesday and yet this week feels more like a month has passed since news of Hamas’ invasion of Israel. News reports, and kudos to the reporters risking their lives to bring us coverage firsthand, of Hamas’ behavior that butchered children, young girls and the elderly shakes us to our core — and it should. Divisions among us will always exist. Differences of opinion will always exist. Barbaric brutality inflicted on each other should not; The crown of achievement for any school, from elementary to university, is the designation of being a top performing school. A new analysis of which school beats all the rest not only surprises but is a testament of how systemic racism holds back students; Finally, one politician understands the motives of migrants streaming to the US, and is starting to spread the message; Discovery in Italy excites Biblical scholars; A new app that encourages socializing with ‘saved’ favorite places; and Dolphins in the Brazilian Amazon are dying in unprecedented numbers and there’s nothing that can be done. Go beyond the headlines…

The Pentagon runs the top performing school system in the U.S.

Israel hammers Gaza with airstrikes as Hamas’ atrocities revealed

New York City mayor wraps up Latin America trip with call for ‘right to work’ for migrants in US

America’s farmers are getting older, and young people aren’t rushing to join them

Breast cancer rates are rising. But more women are surviving too 

Sealed Tomb From Around Days of Jesus Christ Discovered in Italy

Are we living in a Matrix-style simulated universe? New research says it’s possible

Recs is a social ‘wallet’ for stashing and sharing your favorite places

Climate change drove deadly winter heat wave in South America, study says

Thousands of Fish, Dolphins Are Dying in the Brazilian Amazon as Water Temperatures Soar

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