October 12, 2022

This Thursday possibly marks the last public hearing by the Jan. 6 committee and history will tell whether Americans cared or not if Trump was behind a political coup to overthrow the Biden administration. Anecdotal evidence suggests many GOP voters don’t. We have only look to see the support they still lavish on state politicians who have passed egregious restrictions on abortion rights and voting access to gauge what historians will document. Don’t forget how many GOP voters consistently vote for party candidates who are either under indictment or known to be guilty of breaking laws that would be enough to break political careers in the past. And that’s the buzz word – “past.” The future is uncertain and has a shakiness of a 9.1 magnitude the longer GOP voters disregard the hallmarks of a good public servant and focus only on party politics. I said yesterday Putin was mad but what did he accomplish with his reckless barrage of bully actions?; Waiting for student loan relief? Find out what you need to know; Now we know why governments and scientists have been so quick to deny the existence of UFOs/UAPs; Researchers reveal the one thing that can predict stock market returns; and For help with our drought problem, we should look to Spain and what happened there 1,000 years ago. Go beyond the headlines…

Jan. 6 committee’s closing arguments

What did Putin accomplish with his Ukraine barrage?

Thousands still without power weeks after Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico

What to know about the application for Biden’s student loan relief

Finding Aliens Could Trigger Global Conflict With Dire Consequences: Study

Scientists Have Detected a ‘Completely Unprecedented’ Burst of Energy in Space

Daily movie theater ticket sales can predict stock market returns

A child-friendly web browser

Mexico casts net internationally to find medical specialists

The Moorish invention that tamed Spain’s mountains

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