October 13, 2022

Putin is feeling pressure on all fronts today. From rising dissatisfaction among his countrymen and outright disgust from Russian men forced to fight in a war that many don’t believe in to the majority of the world appalled and angry over his narcissistic grab at power that impacts food security and gas delivery, it’s no wonder that Putin is on his way to escalating the war in Ukraine; The DHS has a new plan for Venezuelan migrants; Revoking women’s right to choose has angered a lot of people, from all walks of life, and one group plans to ‘soar’ above the fray; Researchers discover that if law enforcement did one thing it could change the outcome of police facing unarmed people of color; and Mexico blames the US for cartels getting guns but a leaked report shows the fault lies closer to home. Go beyond the headlines…

Jan. 6 Committee Hearing Schedule, Time and How to Watch on Thursday

Russia pounds dozens of Ukraine towns, warns of escalation

DHS announces new program for Venezuelan migrants aimed at easing pressure at U.S.-Mexico border

Small plane pilots are volunteering to help people get abortion care

Study: Changes in education requirements for cops could save lives

What big, scary numbers showing the decline of wildlife leave out

Research sheds new light on long COVID conditions

Microsoft Tackles “Commute Regret” With the New Places App

Leaked reports show how Mexican soldiers passed military-grade weapons to cartels

Indigenous women gather in Guatemala to demand rights

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