October 12, 2023

Hate, hostility and harm to each other are on the rise. Abroad, it’s easy to see. In the US, we have only to channel surf past certain talk channels to hear manufactured anger spewing to accomplish one thing — incite others to be against something — and it’s working. A new analysis finds emergency rooms treated more than 1.3 million assault injuries in 2020. What a world we live in; What Hamas did to Israeli families, young people and children was barbarism on a scale the world thought was a relic of the ancient world. However, Israel’s plan to “kill every Hamas man” is just as scary given the fact that these terrorists hide among innocent Palestinian families. For that reason, the Red Cross is issuing a dire prediction; It used to be Americans didn’t think twice about job hopping. Not anymore; The older we get the likelihood of developing dementia is a given, right? Maybe not. Researchers find it depends on your ethnicity; and This weekend the Americas will witness a solar eclipse. Mayan sites are rolling out the Red Carpet for the masses. Go beyond the headlines…

More than 1.3M assault injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2020

Gaza hospitals risk turning into morgues, Red Cross says

The Supreme Court appears determined to make it easy to draw gerrymanders

Americans Increasingly Concerned About Losing Jobs Amid Housing Crisis

More than 3 million financially insecure Latinas live in states where abortion is or may be banned, study finds

Ancient superpowered solar storm that hit Earth 14,000 years ago is the ‘biggest ever identified’

Risk factors for dementia vary by ethnicity, study finds

How a new app is teaching Colorado students financial literacy

Ancient Maya sites welcome solar eclipse spectators

Guatemala’s Indigenous leaders take to the streets in nationwide protests

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