October 16, 2023

It was recently reported that children dying from gun violence had spiked 87% in the last ten years. Though I don’t recall if one particular state was highlighted as having the most deaths, a new study pinpoints the most likely part of the country where gun death rates outpace the rest of the US; Australians voted to not give their indigenous country people more political representation. Critics say it will divide the country. An ironic argument since many of Australia’s services/representation of the indigenous already treat the people as second-class citizens. Needless to say, indigenous Australians are disappointed and angry and plan to speak out by not speaking; Everyone knows the drill: get 7-8 hours of sleep for optimum health. Now, a new study finds what happens to our cells when we don’t follow that advice; and Mexico created a special bank — just to map the country’s genetic diversity. Go beyond the headlines…

America’s highest gun death rates are in the South

Indigenous Australians call for ‘week of silence’ after referendum failure

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This engineering course has students use their brainwaves to create performing art

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The Blood of Exceptionally Long-Lived People Shows Key Differences

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Daniel Noboa elected Ecuador’s youngest president

Mexican Biobank project maps Mexico’s genetic diversity

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