October 17, 2023

The world waits anxiously to see when Israel will strike Hamas, how strongly, which countries will retaliate against Israel and how many innocent victims will die in both Israel and Gaza. Iran and Hezbollah both are threatening Israel, President Biden will be in Israel on Wednesday, US Marines are moving into the region, 2,000 US soldiers are being told to be ready, and in the meantime Gaza is in crisis without water, electricity and room for the dead. As this conflict evolves into the inevitable bloodshed, it’s clear diplomacy — working with your enemies, compromise — is the only route out of this potential precipice to World War III; The GOP House of Representative members need to take a page from their global counterparts and adopt a diplomacy that jumpstarts Congress’ duty of serving the people; Hispanic Heritage Month may be over but a new group plans to make Corporate America stick to their promises and pledges made to their Latino workers and the community-at-large; and The Bionic Woman has finally arrived – in Sweden. Go beyond the headlines…

New study highlights systemic barriers to cancer treatment for women

Iran says ‘preemptive action’ by resistance front expected in coming hours

US Marine rapid response force moving toward Israel as Pentagon strengthens military posture in region

The U.S. government’s interest bill is skyrocketing

New group vows to audit Corporate America’s Hispanic Heritage Month promises

Scientists and philosophers identify nature’s missing evolutionary law

Revolutionary Bionic Hand Fuses With Woman’s Bones, Muscles, And Nerves

App makes life easier for EV drivers and charger owners

Israel and Colombia in ferocious diplomatic spat over Hamas war

Painted Aztec snake painted carving found in Mexico City

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