October 17, 2019

This morning, we sadly learn of the death of Rep. Elijah Cummings. He was a familiar face leading the fight to make Trump accountable for his words and actions. Rep. Cummings had a historical role in our nation’s history, from his fight for Civil Rights to his fight in the most significant event in modern US history. In both cases, Rep. Cummings had the unique position of fighting for the soul of our country. A true definition of a Patriot. RIP Sir. In today’s news, State Dept. is restarting something long overdue in Central America; Trump just did this to 1M children in the US; and An app that acts as your personal concierge and saves you time and money! Check out today’s stories…

State Department restarts some Central America assistance

Trump rule may mean 1 million kids lose automatic free lunch

How to know which impeachment polls to believe – and which to skip

Here’s Why Domestic Violence Kills So Many Women and Children in America

Washington doesn’t have a Latino history museum. These people are hoping to change that

Hot again: Another month, another global heat record reached

Texting or e-mail: Which gives you more secure communication?

This brilliant app waits on hold for you

‘Democracy in Bolivia has two faces’: ambivalence as Evo Morales seeks fourth term

Mexican Microbreweries Spice Up Global Craft Beer

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