October 20, 2023

We know a healthy lifestyle staves off many diseases. Unfortunately, the desire to ‘enjoy life’ many times supersedes the practical. Yet, a new study finding a link between red meat and a common disease should give everyone a pause in what we consider a ‘good life;’ The Israeli- Hamas war is quickly dividing the globe. Which countries stand on which side?; The economy may be buzzing along but economists see a wave of mass layoffs looming; If you want a dog that lives longer than the usual ‘dog years,’ scientists think they discovered the longest living breed; and Mexico City is joining a dubious club that is spreading across the Americas. Go beyond the headlines…

Study finds potential link between eating this meat and developing Type 2 diabetes

Where countries stand on the Israel-Hamas war

Republican states swore off a voting tool. Now they’re scrambling to recreate it

Big banks are quietly cutting thousands of employees, and more layoffs are coming

Women Who Diet in Middle Age Protect Themselves From Dementia

One vaccine may work against 3 deadly Coronaviruses

Can golden retrievers live longer? Researchers find gene associated with longevity in the breed

John Legend launches new app that gives food and travel recommendations from friends and celebs

Parched Mexico City starts restricting water after rainy season that wasn’t

US to open migrant processing center in Ecuador

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