October 19, 2023

When it comes to volatile situations, like where much of the world finds itself today, it’s been long known that women have the ‘cooler heads.’ So, it’s not surprising that a new study finds a definite difference between how women and men handle stress; After his whirlwind trip to Israel to illustrate US support for Israel and to make a personal appeal for humanitarian aid for Gaza, Biden was able to accomplish one of his goals and will report to the US people; Wait! Paying your student loans could mean more retirement savings? Tell us more!; One Arizona political scientist feels Latino voters may still have influence to wield at the voting booths; and A new map reveals just how alone we are not in the universe. Go beyond the headlines…

Study suggests differences in how men, women respond to stress

Egypt agrees to allow aid into Gaza as Biden prepares for Oval Office address

Biden administration expanding immigration paths for Ecuadorians

Paying Your Student Loans Could Mean More Retirement Savings

Political scientist shares how the Latino vote may impact 2024

New map of space precisely measures nearly 400,000 nearby galaxies

Gulf Stream weakening now 99% certain, and ramifications will be global

Duke researchers hope new app can help more quickly diagnose autism

Dengue cases up over 300% this year in Mexico; Yucatán most affected

Water level at Amazon port in Brazil hits lowest point in 121 years amid drought

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