October 23, 2019

People not familiar with the symbiotic relationship of communities who live along either side of a country’s borders have a completely different impression of the reality of border living. That’s why when the Trump admin allowed the military to do this, it broke another trust issue we have with partner countries; So, HUD Sec. Ben Carson admitted to not complying with the law when it came to distributing money to this one area in dire need of it. Political?; and There’s a new app and website just for immigrants. Check out articles for the full stories…

Exclusive: Documents show U.S. military allowed to shoot at moving vehicles at U.S.-Mexico ports of entry

HUD officials knowingly failed ‘to comply with the law,’ stalled Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds

Candidates of color boost political donations from voters of color

Trump 2020 targeting Hispanic vote in nontraditional places

After El Paso shooting, some Latinos turn to Mexican ancestral traditions for healing

The word “Latinx” is growing in popularity. This comic explains why.

How more organic farming could worsen global warming

How a new platform for immigrants mimics centuries-old behavior

Exclusive: Failure of businesses doing good drives Mexico to bottom of global poll

Venezuelan doctors find sanctuary in Argentina

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