October 22, 2019

From Day One, Trump has continuously dumbfounded, shocked, numbed, appalled – you get the idea. Now, some smart journalists have compiled an interesting list of Trump’s first 1,000 days. Warning: it ain’t pretty!; Ok, we know immigrants assimilate into the dominant culture by the 2nd generation. So, why does the majority polled in this latest survey ignorantly hold on to these beliefs?; and Thanks to technology, a long-lost pre-Colombian civilization was discovered in this Latin American country. Check out the stories for the fuller picture…

Telling numbers from President Trump’s first 1,000 days

Poll: Majority says immigrants should adapt to a shared American culture

0 percent of Republican college students think Affirmative Action is ‘very fair,’ but 7 percent say Legacy Admissions are

Calif. gov. gives more aid to DACA students

Your political views can predict how you pronounce certain words

Climate change making stronger El Ninos, study finds

NASA Just Revealed Incredibly Good News About 2019 Ozone Hole Data

Indian innovators create edible, flavored straws

Six in ten Companies Opened in 2012 Closed Down Within Five Years in Brazil

Lost Pre-Columbian City Discovered In The Region Where The El Dorado Legend Originates

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