October 27, 2023

The anguished faces of the sisters, fathers and neighbors of those who died are all the same. Whether their loved ones died in a mass shooting in Maine or in Florida or Colorado or Texas, etc, all died at the hands of gun violence. Yet, many argue that US city streets resemble war zones these days with carrying a gun so easy to do in many states. With each new US mass killing, we (pray) think Congress will get the message and pass stricter, sensible gun laws. And each session they let us down. Maybe because they don’t have a clue as to how many mass killings there really have been in the nation. Now, they have no excuse. The AP and USA Today have created a database that puts everything in sad perspective; It’s too easy to dehumanize those who have died in the Israel-Hamas war. Palestinians want to correct that. Now, they’re posting the names of those who have died in the attacks; It seems depending on where a Latino lives determines wealth; and Scientists just unveiled the world’s first-ever vaccine to prevent one addiction. Go beyond the headlines…

Database: A look at mass killings in the U.S.

Palestinian officials post the names of the people killed in Gaza since the war began

White Evangelicals More Open to Political Violence Than Non-Christians

Working-age Americans struggling to pay for health care, even with insurance, report finds

How geography impacts U.S. Latino wealth

Time to inform the public about the adverse effects of ultra-processed foods, researchers say

Scientists Unveil World-First Experimental Cocaine Addiction Vaccine

New app improves real-time reporting in emergency situations

Chinese company will ‘defend’ lithium mining rights in Mexico

Ecuador to impose power cuts as El Nino-driven drought hits hydroelectric plants

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