October 30, 2023

A nonprofit can help dying babies in Gaza and is trying to get its portable baby incubators into Israel and Gaza; As wars combust around the planet, the natural consequence is more people will become immigrants. They will stream towards those ‘perceived’ safe havens where there is no constant bombing, threat of death with each new dawn and where food, medicine and water are accessible. You would think those who once found themselves in those same shoes would be empathetic to newly arrived immigrants but a new study sheds light on a complicated relationship; Tired of taking a pill for every ache and pain? The remedy could be as simple as listening to music; A new survey finds many Americans go into debt over one last act of love for family members; and Acapulco is still reeling from Hurricane Otis and waiting for help. Go beyond the headlines…

Certain Types of Music Can Help People Feel Less Pain, New Study Claims

Fierce clashes in Gaza as Israeli forces expand ground offensive

Tensions rise between new and established migrants

Most Americans Would Take on Debt to Plan a Family Member’s Funeral

A nonprofit is racing to get its portable baby incubators into Israel and Gaza as crisis deepens

Spy satellites reveal hundreds of undiscovered Roman forts

In a Huge First, Mouse Embryos Have Been Grown in Space

Robots for deep-sea recovery missions in sci-fi and reality

Residents of Hurricane-Hit Mexican Region Desperate for Aid

Peruvian singer finally takes her place among all-time greats

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