October 29, 2021

As another mega caravan heads towards the US-Mexico border, (last count had 4,000 migrants marching), the Biden administration remains focused on addressing immigration policy with two moves that will delight advocates and outrage critics; Speaking of outrage, 66 former members of Congress, of both parties, signed onto a brief urging the court to act a particular way towards Trump’s effort to stymie the Jan. 6 committee; and a Puerto Rican journalist uses TikTok and YouTube to document the disappearance of the island’s renown beaches. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden looks to spend $100B on immigration as House explores legalization pathways

The Biden administration is considering $450,000 payments to families separated at the border under Trump

66 former lawmakers urge court to reject Trump effort to stymie Jan. 6 committee

U.S. border cities again see low violent crime rates

Journalist documents Puerto Rico’s disappearing beaches no TikTok and YouTube

NAACP urges pro athletes not to sign with Texas teams over voting and abortion laws

What Big Oil knew about climate change, in its own words

Near total loss of historical lands leaves Indigenous nations in the US more vulnerable to climate change

Newly discovered human species who lived 500,000 years ago named Homo bodoensis

Student-developed app takes new spin on hanging out

International Artists Boycott Havana Biennial in Solidarity With Imprisoned Cuban Dissidents

Mexico to give papers to children, pregnant women in migrant caravan

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