October 3, 2019

Yesterday’s sad, erratic display by Trump, in front of the Finnish President, underscores his obsession with discrediting the impeachment inquiry and how his attention is not to running the country or addressing the important issues facing the country. So, it’s no wonder others are taking up the slack. For example, Latino voters are pushing campaigns to address this deadly issue in the nation and asking the Court to do this regarding fair representation; and on a happier note, Target launched Halloween costumes for special needs kids. Read all about it…

Hispanic voters push campaigns to address gun violence

Trump administration to expand DNA collection at border

Latinx Voters Ask Court To Ensure All Residents Counted In Allotting Congress Seats

Apple CEO Tim Cook shows unprecedented support to DACA ahead of SCOTUS decision

The State Department is telling US tourists that El Salvador is now as safe as Denmark

Target launches adaptive Halloween costumes for kids with special needs

The Science Of Mindfulness — What Do We Really Know And Where Do We Go?

Scientists create app that can see cancer in the eyes of kids

Respiratory Problems Rise among Children in Brazil due to Amazon Fires

Avocados blamed for worsening drought in Chile

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