October 4, 2022

Latest polls show that national trust in the Supreme Court is at its lowest level in at least 40 years. Because of this crop of justices, what we used to think were irreversible laws, became sacrificial lambs for a judicial who hid behind ‘Constitutional Law’ to deprive women of a right there used to be no question about. Because of this, the Biden administration had to do something. Biden ready to unveil that plan of action; Russians are slowly realizing they’ve been duped by Putin. The real question is what will they do now?; While some surveys show Latinos leaning more towards the GOP, Latinos surveyed admit that the Dems do one thing better than the GOP; Scientists make a ‘chilling’ discovery in Arctic waters; and A Mayan student will tap his ancestral knowledge in astronomy to help NASA with an upcoming ‘stellar’ project. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden to set new U.S. guidelines on reproductive rights, 100 days after Roe v Wade

A shaken Supreme Court returns to chambers

Frustration with Ukraine war spills out on Russian state TV

Most Latinos Say Democrats Care About Them and Work Hard for Their Vote, Far Fewer Say So of GOP

What is déjà vu? Psychologists are exploring this creepy feeling of having already lived through an experience before

What happens if Lake Powell runs out of water? 

Scientists Discover Arctic Waters Are Rapidly Becoming Acidic in Dire Climate Warning

Chess.com Releases New App And Bots: Checkmate Or Zombies Eat You!

Mayan student to participate in NASA’s next mission to explore Titan

Archaeologists in Peru unearth 76 graves of sacrificed children from ancient Chimú culture

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