October 6, 2022

Limbo continues for DACA students and it’s unnecessary when the right decision is so obvious; So, Saudi Arabia landed a punch to the US with their decision on oil output, but what does it mean for us; We are getting a clearer picture of what a Conservative Supreme Court means for the country — and it’s a bad omen; Banned book authors raise the alarm over the latest wave of censorship; A baby stroller that wheels itself?; Scientists discovered a startling occurrence in the Pacific Ocean and issue an even more surprising prediction; and the US isn’t the only country breaking records for number of migrants crossing a border. Go beyond the headlines…

Appeals court orders another review of revised ‘DACA’

Russia and Saudi Arabia agree to massive cuts to oil output. Here’s why it matters

Supreme Court allows extreme racial gerrymandering to stand in Louisiana

Banned book authors say new wave of censorship is most dangerous yet

What it means for Latinos to lose Spanish fluency

This AI-powered stroller can drive itself

The Pacific Ocean Is Shrinking and Will Form a New Supercontinent, Scientists Say

New Fitness App Launches With Live, On-Demand Training Sessions 

Panama Breaks Record for Number of Migrants Crossing Darien Jungle

Nicaragua charging exiled opponents’ relatives

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