October 7, 2022

It’s one thing to lose a war but the humiliation that comes with ‘losing face’ is beyond acceptable for most narcissistic, power-hungry, egotistical nation leaders who aspire for world domination. Putin finds himself in such a situation, which puts the world at higher risk and fulfillment of President Biden’s warning; Trump’s cowardice in facing his legal troubles is escalating but he’s dug a deeper hole than anyone realized; If only OPEC hadn’t decided to make those oil cuts…; Scientists peeled back a banana’s DNA only to uncover ‘mystery ancestors,’ and One Cuban group ‘rumbas’ to celebrating 70 years. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden warns of ‘armageddon’ amid Putin nuclear threats

DOJ Reportedly Believes Trump Has More Government Documents

A new Supreme Court case could fundamentally change the internet

A Prolonged U.S. Recession More Likely After OPEC Oil Cuts: ‘No Question’

Report: Latino representation in media barely budged in past decade

Scientists peel back ancient layers of banana DNA to reveal ‘mystery ancestors’

Bringing Mental Health Care to the Masses Through Innovative App

Easter Island fire causes ‘irreparable’ damage to famous moai statues

Cuban group celebrates 70 years with rumba rhythms

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