October 6, 2023

The International community was surprised with the news of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient (see the first headline link). Overwhelming expectations were that it would be Ukraine’s battle-fatigued, camo-wearing President Zelenskyy. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize committee is waiting to see if Ukraine can achieve peace first; According to a new announcement, bringing an end to the war may be soon on the horizon with a new scientific breakthrough Ukraine developers have made for their soldiers with clothing that serves as ‘invisibility cloaks’; Most economists agree — the US economy is fundamentally changed; Scientists just added a sixth flavor to the universal palate; and New app debuts designed to inspire us, not distract us. Go beyond the headlines…

Iranian Narges Mohammadi wins Nobel Peace Prize

Ukraine Army’s ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Ready for Mass Production: Developers

U.S. Will Build Stretch of Border Wall and Begin Deportations to Venezuela

U.S. economy now fundamentally changed, ADP chief economist says

Film uncovers secret struggles of folk singer and activist Joan Baez

Scientists unlock the secrets of a sixth basic flavor

There’s a Strange Cardiovascular Response When People Listen to Classical Music Together

Thoughts debuts an app designed to inspire you, not distract you

The official count of disappeared people in Mexico could be an underestimate, say UN and advocates

Indigenous party says it is barred from running in Nicaragua elections

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