October 4, 2023

October 3, 2023 was a day that put the failings of our Congressional political system on full display for not just the nation to see, but the world. The ouster of GOP House Speaker McCarthy by a small faction of extreme politicians who continue to be loyal for the worst president in US history highlights just how much in danger is our democratic way of life. Will the nation wake up or continue to mindlessly follow the worst of mankind?; Maybe religion and race have something to do with it. A new survey says both of these factors determine how people view causes of climate change; Putin appears to be emulating again his political idol — Stalin; The Biden administration is trying their darnedest to get more qualified for student loan forgiveness. Now 5 categories of borrowers may be eligible for debt relief; Brace yourselves: Your phone will emit an emergency alert test and it won’t be an Amber Alert; and A never-before-seen prehistoric creature has just been unearthed in Europe. Go beyond the headlines…

Survey: Religion and race shape views on cause of climate change

‘They’re just meat’: Russia deploys punishment battalions in echo of Stalin

House makes history, removes McCarthy as Speaker

5 Categories Of Borrowers Could Get Student Loan Forgiveness Under New Biden Plan

An emergency alert test will hit all phones Wednesday. How the wireless system works.

Women living in more walkable neighborhoods found have lower rates of obesity-related cancers

Giant never-before-seen long-necked ‘titan’ dinosaur unearthed in Europe

New app allows people to order groceries from food bank

Mexico’s president says 10,000 migrants a day head to US border; he blames US sanctions on Cuba

Women behind the lens: Brazil’s female beekeepers who hold ‘the keys to a better world’

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