October 7, 2021

Has a tipping point been reached in COVID deaths?; Everyone has their own idea on how to reform immigration. Now, Republican governors throw their ideas into the ring; It may be a stereotype but there’s a reason why Spanish-speakers know the term “chismosa’. Now, a new study highlights just how egregious that practice is for the wider community; Did you know there’s a book shortage? There is and there’s a reason; Puerto Rico is doing something that needs to be replicated across the mainland; And scientists discover an unlikely source for a new COVID vaccine in Chile; Go beyond the headlines…

COVID deaths are finally falling

Republican governors propose immigration plan

Latinos more likely to get, consume and share online misinformation, fake news

You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to land a high-paying job

Puerto Rico to install free internet in all public housing

The great book shortage of 2021, explained

The American Bumblebee Has Vanished From Eight States

Google: flight search tool can help you fly ‘greener’

Ancient mangrove forest found hidden in heart of Yucatán Peninsula

A Chilean tree holds hope for new vaccines – if supplies last

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