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Crowdfunder: Working For Equal Opportunity in Tech

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Campaign: recruitHER: Working For Equal Opportunity in Tech

Tech companies who value diversity often struggle to hire diverse talent—either their current efforts are failing to move the needle, or they don’t know where to begin.

Having a diverse tech workforce is important because more diverse perspectives are needed to inform technological applications and innovations—it’s good for business and good for consumers.

Take the Apple Health app as one example. The initial release allowed users to track their sleep, body mass index, electrodermal activity, weight, number of times fallen, sodium intake, copper intake, and even selenium intake. What could you not track with Apple Health? Women’s periods.

Companies with more diverse and inclusive teams get better traction with their customer base, have significantly higher customer satisfaction, and are more profitable than their less-diverse competitors. Having a gender-balanced team is a core aspect of diversity for any company. But at present, only 26% of programmers in the U.S. are women (1% Latina, 3% African-American, 4% Asian, and 18% white).

recruitHER solves this critical problem by enabling their clients to hire more women and diverse candidates in engineering, product, project management, marketing, creative, community, and leadership roles.

recruitHER focuses on strategic partnerships with companies who demonstrate a commitment to inclusion and diversity. They are dedicated to helping their community of job-seekers by providing them with valuable career resources, enabling them to advance their careers in tech, and connecting them with companies who provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where they can grow and thrive.

Through their consultative coaching and a careful matching process, recruitHER enables diverse candidates who are interested in (or already pursuing) careers in technology to better identify opportunities that match their skills and interests.

recruitHER is a new company with a need for start-up capital. 

The average cost to get a business off the ground is $30,000. recruitHER's startup costs are much lower, but as a bootstrapped company they still need an initial infusion of capital to get them to their official launch. In seeking this funding, they experience the same issues of discrimination and unconscious bias that many of their candidates face.

Women start companies at 1.5x the rate of men, but receive less than 10% of all available venture funding. One study showed that when listening to the exact same startup pitch read by a man vs. a woman, 68% of people elect to fund the venture pitched by the man's voice and only 32% choose to fund the one pitched by a woman.

The company's founders are asking their supporters to bring recruitHER across the finish line by helping them raise $5,000 in seed funding.

These funds will go towards their initial start-up and operating costs. They want to use this money to grow their initial revenues so that they can quickly scale to markets outside of Austin, Seattle and San Francisco, allowing them to make an even greater impact on the tech industry!



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