September 10, 2020

As the nation, (at least those not among Trump’s base), are outraged at the revelation of him publicly “downplaying” the deadliness of the coronavirus, there is still other news. Notably: The Army revealed new details in the case of Vanessa Guillen; A new investigation uncovers disturbing facts about Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria’s death counts; The Red Cross needs Latino donors during Sickle Cell Awareness Month; Scientists calculate a heartbreaking statistic on how much wildlife has been lost in the last four decades; and For every parent who wants their children to do activities off-screen…there’s an app for that! Go beyond the headlines…

Army officials reveal new details in Vanessa Guillen case

A new investigative project could identify more Hurricane Maria deaths in Puerto Rico

Young Latino Voters Say The Fight For Racial Justice Is Pushing Them To Vote In November

A migrant mother saw her disabled son walk into the U.S. across the Mexican-US border. Then he disappeared

Red Cross searching for Black and Hispanic donors amid Sickle Cell Awareness Month

Young US Latinos are at the forefront of a climate revolution

World’s wildlife populations plunge 68% in 46 years

Kinspire’s new app helps parents find screen-free activities for kids

Uruguay, Latin America’s City Upon a Hill for Post-COVID Production

Chile Leading the Way in Production of Eco-, Vegan-Friendly Wine

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