September 9, 2020

This morning, several headlines tout the soft support Biden has among some Latinos. One of the latest polls shows Biden lagging Trump among Florida Latinos, in particular. However, the Biden campaign is drawing more displeasure from the Latino immigration advocacy community with their latest transition team addition; New analysis finds farmworkers, and our nation, is facing a “coronavirus disaster;” The Oscars just made an important announcement furthering inclusion; and Scientists are baffled over a new discovery on the moon. Go beyond the headlines…

Harvest of shame: Farmworkers face coronavirus disaster

The Trump Administration Is Considering Excluding Some Immigrant Children From A Controversial Pandemic Border Policy

Biden pick creates furor, underscoring bitterness over Obama immigration policy

Trump’s law-and-order campaign relies on a historic American tradition of racist and anti-immigrant politics

Oscars details new diversity requirements for Best Picture nominees

Political Divisions Drive Police Brutality Cases

How social media is helping students of color speak out about racism on campus

Why Is the Moon Covered in Rust? Even Scientists Are Stumped by This Metal Mystery

App eases eating disorder symptoms for college women

Peru’s Machu Picchu nominated as leading tourist attraction in South America

Colombian Sculptor Sews His Lips to Demand More Attention for Artists

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