September 13, 2021

The Democrats are poised to have several showdowns over immigration. Their big changes to policy reform hinges on one person – who is not a politician; It may not be a coincidence that the world is seeing a rise in authoritarian leaders, and as authoritarianism goes, so does this one essential constitutional freedom; Do you live in a state where car thefts are up?; NPR finds that the federal government has knowingly been selling unsuspecting home buyers something that ‘erodes’ their investment; and New study finds we don’t exactly need 10,000 steps a day to reap health benefits. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration appeals Texas ruling blocking new DACA applications

Why Democrats’ immigration hopes rest on a decision by the Senate parliamentarian

Press freedoms crumble as authoritarianism spreads

The Federal Government Sells Flood-Prone Homes To Often Unsuspecting Buyers, NPR Finds

Vehicle thefts are way up—here’s where the most cars are getting stolen

SpaceX Inspiration4 mission will send 4 people with minimal training into orbit – and bring space tourism closer to reality

How many steps a day should you take? Study finds 7,000 can go a long way

Meet Merlin, the bird-identifying app

The specter of high inflation returns to haunt Latin America

Colombia’s 12-year-old eco-activist refuses to let death threats dim passion

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