September 16, 2021

LatinaLista may have taken an involuntary break from the news cycle but it’s clear as we resume today that the news never stops: The Biden admin is throwing a life preserver to Central American minors wanting to come to the US; Despicably, Trump’s anti-immigrant minions have crawled back into the open to ferment anger & opposition towards a new migrant group; Scientists feel they’ve finally found a cause of Alzheimer’s; Ever wonder why spider bites hurt so badly?; Want to know your likely risk of contracting Covid-19? There’s a calculator for that; and There’s a new Anne Frank memorial in this Central American country. Hint: It’s the only country that has a Holocaust museum. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden expands program to legally bring Central American minors to US

Texas voting law builds on long legacy of racism from GOP leaders

Trump aides aim to build GOP opposition to Afghan refugees

Hispanics and Latinos Are The Biggest Moviegoers. The Big Screen Doesn’t Reflect That

New tolling systems are poised to hit highways

New study identifies likely cause of Alzheimer’s disease

How heavy metals give spiders and other tiny animals their powerful bite

This Calculator Estimates Your Risk of Getting Covid-19

Taste Mexico: Google celebrates Mexican cuisine

In addition to new Anne Frank memorial, Guatemala has only Holocaust museum in Central America

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