September 21, 2021

Throughout history, desperate people have been ‘beaten back.’ Sometimes by force, sometimes via government policy, often times by both. The latest example was captured in pictures that involved a border agent, a horse, migrants and horse reins; What’s Dems’ Plan B for immigration? Used to be, the majority of Latinos raised their families in certain states. Not anymore; As Facebook increasingly falls out of favor among users, students at one university are quickly adopting a new social media app; and Colombia just christened a new ‘heritage drink.’ Go beyond the headlines…

‘Extremely troubling’: Investigation launched into border agents on horseback seen chasing migrants

Democrats look for Plan B after blow on immigration

DOJ urges Supreme Court not to overturn Roe v. Wade

Extreme Heat Has Killed Hundreds Of Workers. The US Government Is Finally Doing Something About It.

Where Latinos live

Positive teacher relationships may reduce crime

COVID-19 Delayed Quinceañera Celebrations. And Now, 17 Is The New 15

Students find community on new social media app

Colombia: African-Colombian moonshine gets official seal of approval as heritage drink

Mexico to host summit of new Latin America ‘pink tide’ leaders

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