September 22, 2021

As always, competing news headlines grab their “3 seconds” of readers’ eyes before being relegated to an afterthought. Yet, some deserving news doesn’t even get the courtesy of that much attention. Case in point: The fact that Trump and close supporters knowingly plotted to keep Trump in power — chances are they’re not done yet; While we feel the murder of any young woman goes beyond being a crime, who can blame Native Americans for feeling slighted over the extreme attention paid to the Petito case when the media hardly, if ever, publicizes the more frequent disappearances of Native women. Could it boil down to the use of social media?; and How can the blind read online content? A new device solves that dilemma. Go beyond the headlines…

New bombshells show Trump’s coup threat was real and hasn’t passed

FBI director: Domestic terrorism cases have surged since 2020

Media Fascination With The Petito Mystery Looks Like Racism To Some Native Americans

New treatments for COVID-19 may stave off the worst effects of the virus

Migrant couple documents dangerous journey to the US

Latinos vastly underrepresented in media, new report finds

Predicting a riot: Social inequality leads to vandalism in experiments

Huge Maya pyramid in El Salvador was built just 5–30 years after an enormous volcanic eruption 1,482 years ago as a ‘guard against future eruptions’, study finds

Braille e-book concept makes online reading more accessible

Amnesty International: 10 women or girls killed daily in Mexico

El Salvador’s millennial president switched up his Twitter bio to call himself ‘the coolest dictator in the world’

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