September 27, 2019

Today, as the nation celebrates the observance of Native American Day, and hopefully remembers the forced separation of Native American children from their parents to “Indian schools,” a judge will hear arguments over the US detention of migrant children. It seems the US has a history of forced child-parent separation; Last week was the Climate Strike; today is Earth Strike; and New poll shows “major shift” among Americans in thinking about men and this issue. Surprising and about time! Check out the other stories below for more revelations!

Judge to hear arguments over US detention of migrant kids

White House plans caps for religious refugees, Iraqis, Central Americans

Thousands of people plan to protest Friday for ‘Earth Strike’. Here’s what to know

An Illinois man is found guilty of hate crimes after harassing a woman in a Puerto Rico flag shirt

U.S. military grapples with rising suicide rates

New poll shows major shift in how Americans think about men in power

Rising seas threaten hundreds of Native American heritage sites along Florida’s Gulf Coast

FoodTracker: An AI-powered food detection mobile application

Colombia’s ‘Aguilas Negras’ declare journalists ‘military objective’

Bolivia’s Forest Fires Have Left More Than 2 Million Animals Dead

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