September 29, 2023

Is it REALLY any surprise that the government is on track to shut down Sunday morning at 12:01 am? For anyone who watched the chaos that ensued when current House Speaker Kevin McCarthy compromised his way to secure House leadership, the answer is no. Unfortunately, the impending shutdown only adds to the chaos that seems to be engulfing the world. For example, Sweden, a country once thought to be a haven of tranquility and peace is battling increasing violence and homicides due to gang fights. For a country in which gang violence on this scale is ‘foreign,’ it’s another wakeup call to the descension society seems to be spiraling towards; As if migrants fleeing from violence and poverty aren’t traumatized enough leaving their homes and countries behind to travel a dangerous path to the US, news reports reveal that female migrants face unbelievable violence at the US/Mexico border. All for just trying to find peace; Louisiana is predicted to be one of those coastline states that will lose much of its property to the sea due to rising sea levels. The first stage of that takeover has begun and is posing a more imminent threat; and Who better than teens to know how to help their peers with their emotional health? Of course, they created an app for it. Go beyond the headlines…

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