September 30, 2022

We’ve seen the Biden administration walk back certain out-loud, off-script remarks from the President. The latest disappoints thousands who were beginning to see the light at the end of the student loan debt tunnel. It’s a reminder that not all well-intentioned promises made in the heat of a political election are economically viable or prudent in reality; As the world condemns Russia’s sham elections in Ukrainian territories, Ukraine’s president levies a warning Putin should heed; Meta just took down a bunch of fake social media accounts trying to exert influence on one of our most fragile institutions – again; So, just how can homes be made to withstand hurricanes?; This is taking lasers to a whole new level; A just-released study found climate change did impact Hurricane Ian and made all the difference; and Mexican astronomers just made an amazing discovery. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden administration scales back student debt relief for millions amid legal concerns

Zelensky: Annexation of Ukraine “will not mean” what Russia hopes for

What Meta’s Latest Takedown of Fake Foreign Accounts Could Mean for the U.S. Midterms

These new technologies could make homes more resistant to hurricanes

The culture war flashpoints dividing Latino Democrats

AI Laser That Kills Cockroaches Created, Dubbed ‘A Little Dangerous’

Study finds that climate change added 10% to Ian’s rainfall

Someone made an Instagram app without the Meta garbage, and it’s actually great

Mexican astronomers discover an exoplanet 20 light-years away

Venezuela’s mining region a hotbed of sex trafficking and violence, UN says

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