September 29, 2022

The Biden administration is on track to fulfill one particular immigration promise that has many ‘dreaming’ of a future without labels; Did Russia sabotage the Nord Stream pipeline?; Florida took a direct hit from Hurricane Ian and sustained damage but Puerto Ricans did too. Who will get aid faster?; A 10-year-old who can sell his art for $100,000? Yup!; A new app helps Gen Z invest in cars, food, video games and other ‘themes.’ Go beyond the headlines…

Biden White House preparing to take executive action to protect DACA ‘Dreamers’

The Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, explained

As Ian batters Florida, Puerto Ricans fear being forgotten

We tend to underestimate our future expenses – here’s one way to prevent that

This 10-Year-Old Boy Makes Art That Sells for Over $100,000

Hurricane Ian’s climate warning

Earth to Be Dealt Double Blow As Giant Hole Forms in Sun’s Atmosphere

This new app is helping Gen Z invest in cars, food, video games and other ‘themes’

After seven years, Colombia and Venezuela reopen their border

Mexico is world’s deadliest spot for environmental activists

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